What is Resveratrol and Its Benefits

Resveratrol is a compound that  is part of the  antioxidants  found in berries, grapes, red wine, peanuts and dark chocolate. It is a molecule of plant origin with 3 carbons that is part of the polyphenol family.

Remarkable health benefits have been attributed to it, such as cardio protective effects, and it may be responsible to some extent for the benefits that are given to wine.

Resveratrol is not found in any animal organism, nor in most plants. This compound was first discovered in the vine plant, and its highest concentration is found  in the skin of the black grape.

Its function in the plant is to protect it against fungal infections, that is, it  acts as a natural antibiotic  in the vine.


Its natural function is to protect the plant from infections.

In animals and humans, no physiological action has been described, but it has been attributed  multiple health benefits  that seem to be related to its ability to activate proteins called sirtuins.

It is considered one of the most promising elements in the development of  anti aging treatments .

The possible benefits of resveratrol on the body began to be studied after observing that the French population, despite eating a diet rich in saturated fat, had a low rate of heart problems. This phenomenon was called ” the French paradox ” and was attributed to the heart-healthy properties of wine.

In a review carried out by doctors Sancho and Mach, from the Open University of Catalonia, the conclusions of various researches related to the beneficial health effects of wine polyphenols, among which resveratrol stands out, were compiled.


What is Resveratrol and Its Benefits
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This substance, produced by the vine plant, is mainly concentrated in the skin of the black grape.

•  Red wine  is the food in which it is found in the highest concentration.

•  Unfermented grape musts and juices  are also a good source of this component without having to resort to alcohol.

•  Fresh , seasonal grapes can also provide us with this substance.

•  Raisins  are a good alternative to fresh fruit for taking resveratrol.

There are also  supplements  in the market that may include Resveratrol among its ingredients.

Adopting a diet rich in antioxidants can help you feel more active.

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