Use of Synthetic Diamonds in Diverse Fields

If you study astrology, you will be familiar with the word birthstone. A birthstone stone is associated with the astrological zodiac signs of a month. Aries is a star of the individuals that are born in the dates 20 March to 19 April of a year. Aries Birthstone is a jewel associated with these individuals.

The prominent and prized Aries Birthstone is diamonds. For self-adornment, Aries Birthstone Color is one factor that makes the stone more valued and prized. The cherished diamond exists in transparent hues. Aries Birthstones exist in all-natural colors 

Diamonds have a wide range of use in jewelry. These jewels are used with high priority in engagement and wedding jewelry. Moreover, women at their wedding anniversary always wait for the diamond jewelry. This gemstone is a sign of love.

Difference between Synthetic and Mineral Diamonds

Scientists have done a lot of struggle to introduce an alternative to the Aries Birthstone owning matching features. Finally, they created industrial stones by using their cognitive energy. Synthetic diamonds are lab-manufactured stones. But natural stones are found hundreds of miles below the earth. These stones are the results of natural chemical processes at high chemical conditions. In these molten states, some impurities are mixed with stones. These are known as birthmarks.

Application of Synthetic Diamonds 

Synthetic diamonds’ own distinctive attributes qualify step variation in a process and prepared product working efficiency. These stones are used in the electronic and medical fields. In electronics, they have wide use in industries like optics, semiconductors, sanitization, musical instruments, and sensors. On the other hand in the medical industry stones are used for skin treatment, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases.

Industrial diamonds have nonsymmetric hardness properties. Hardness traits have increased their use in the industry. Today these industrial stones with good material are the most suitable for cutters that are used in oil and gas drilling. In electronics, the electronic components manufactured with other materials are becoming obsolete as a cause of heat. Diamonds are a good spreader of heat. Therefore they are ideal for electronic components.

Today application of synthetic diamonds in semiconductor technology is increasing at a rapid speed. Diamonds can save silicon and other electronic products from overheating. According to Moor’s Law, electronic products are shrinking in size with greater efficiency but heat management is another issue in this scenario. Therefore synthetic diamonds work as a heat sink for heat management in these items.

For the formation of industrial diamonds, scientists use the microwave chemical vapor deposition process. This technique assists scientists to tightly control growth conditions and eliminate impurities. It is very hard to see a mineral diamond free from impurities. This product of diamonds is very helpful to achieve predictable results in the industry acting as a heat spreader in electronic items that are used in research departments.

Except electronic, the use of diamonds in the medical field has its place. Diamonds in powdered form have been used in the aesthetic industry to reduce the aging effects on the face. The removal of wrinkles on the face with diamonds is still under observation.

Today dermatologists prefer to use the diamond for skin exfoliating treatments. Further, this stone is used for cancer diagnose. Further diamonds are used at a wide level in chemotherapy treatment to assist the medicine for penetration into the patients’ body at the desired level. 

Value of Diamond in the Marketing Concerning to Fashion Niche

The price and popularity of the diamonds are based on four factors. These factors are Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. The explanation of these price influencing factors is given in the coming paragraph.

You have often observed that diamonds lover always do share their value in terms of Carat. This term is the unit of weight of the diamond. An ideal diamond weighs one Carat with a size of 6.5 mm.

Another price influencing trait of a diamond is Cut. Because of the ideal Cut light rays properly reflect, refract and disperse in the diamond to deliver high-quality sheen.

Natural diamonds with high Clarity levels are always at a good rating in the jewelry industry. You can hardly see a single piece of natural diamond without any birthmark in thousands of stones.

People often love to wear white or transparent diamonds. Aries Birthstones with other colors are not scoring a similar rating in the market.

Lacking Attributes of Synthetic Diamonds

Most people love to wear diamonds keeping in view their firm beliefs. In the ancient age, warriors use to wear Aries Birthstones as they feel bravery in their personality by owning the mineral. These gemstones are useful to develop a creative and positive brain. But the industrial diamonds are lacking such attributes.

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