Understanding Different Types of Tyre Damages

Car tyres are the most exposed component of your car because they create the only link between the vehicle and the road surface. Tyres are often subject to different terrains and climatic conditions, which makes them weak and vulnerable. However, you can safeguard your car tyres from these damages by understanding the reason for their occurrence.

These damages have a serious impact on the performance of your car tyres, and thus you need to be very cautious about them. Not many of us are familiar with the different types of damages a car tyre may get. Here is a brief introduction of all the kinds of damages that occur on car tyres, due to various reasons.

Tread Wear

Tyre treads are one of the most important parts of Continental Tyres Aberdeen, which governs its performance on the road. Therefore, we need to pay special attention to its maintenance and upkeep. Tyre treads get damaged due to various factors, and one such factor is the uneven distribution of pressure inside a car tyre and the other could be improperly aligned tyres.

Treadwear can be classified into various types, such as

Axial Wear

This type of wear is caused along the central axis of the car tyre due to the over-inflation of car tyres. Axial wear or centre wear is also triggered by a sudden strong acceleration of cars. When cars generate a high amount of torque suddenly, it triggers treadwear in car tyres. Overinflation in your tyres causes premature wear and tear, this eventually causes car tyres to slip on wet road surfaces.

Side Wear

When car tyres are below the recommended pressure level, their sides bulge out, causing maximum wear along their sides. And this type of wear is called side wear. This weakens the sidewalls of car tyres and decreases the load index of cars.

Uneven Wear

Uneven wear is caused when car tyres are out of alignment. When tyres are out of line, they deviate from their path and cause significant wear on car tyres. Misaligned tyres lead to loss of connection between the steering and tyres due to which tyres veer in one direction. Also when you lower your vehicle more than it should, by using small tyres, the tyres will incur uneven wear on their surface.

Therefore, you should get your wheel alignment check every now and then to prevent uneven wear. Uneven wear also causes loss of grip and traction.

Sidewalls Indentation Error

Car tyres often get some dimples and bubbles on their surface due to sudden jerks or uneven roads. To locate these damages, you need to have a closer look at your car tyres. This indentation error is caused when the metallic cords in the car tyres get tightened up and cause the tyres to bulge out a little.

This can also be caused when the belts and treads of the car tyre overlap each other and cause deformities in the car tyres. You can see these indentation errors clearly, after mounting the car tyres. However, it might not be visible on some tyres.

Cut And Cracks

When car tyres travel on rough terrains, they may get damaged by a piece of the sharp object like nails, pieces of broken glass, sharp stones etc. These cuts may then widen and develop deep cracks on the tyre surface. Therefore, you need to watch where you drive your car tyre. Moreover, cracks can also be caused due to the stiffness in the car tyres. Tyres are said to get stiffen due to weather changes, so using appropriate tyres according to the climatic condition is also important.

Therefore, you need to keep your car tyres away from direct sunlight, as the UV rays present in sunlight makes the rubber compound stiff. However, a lot of car tyres become stiff as they age, so you might want to check the age of your Car Tyres Aberdeen before you make any decision.

Apart from these damages, there are several other damages such as break or bulge, chipping of the tyre surface, and heel and toe wear. You should get an idea of these kinds of damages to safeguard your car tyres for a long time. If you want to get a tyre inspection, you should visit Laws Tyres Aberdeen.

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