Plenty of Benefits of Doing MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

There are many benefits to doing MBBS in Russia compared to other countries –

  • No Donation Fee

As people know the private universities or institutes for MBBS in India have a huge amount of donation charge, excluding from the annual fee. But there is no such case in medical universities or institutes in Russia. Even, the annual fees of Russian medical schools are also much lower than that of Indian medical schools. It provides an option for Indian students to realize their dream within their budget.

  • There Is No Entrance Test for Admission to the Medical College

Unlike India, there is no entrance exam for admission to Russian medical colleges. Alike India, there is no exam like NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) or AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) to pursue MBBS in Russia. Admission to Russian medical colleges is based on scores of the 12th standard. Students who achieve above 75 percent of the grade 12th standard are most favored.

  • Great Infrastructure

The complete campus is very well equipped and maintained with contemporary laboratory machines and instruments. However, MBBS in Russia is very beneficial as most Russian medical universities are accredited by the WHO (World Health Organization), the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), the MCI (Medical Council of India), and the Council of Europe.

  • Extremely Low Cost of Living in Russia

For Indian students, Study MBBS in Russia is quite cheap compared to other countries. Not only the fees but also the daily expenses, students save much more compared to other countries. It can also depend on the lifestyle of the student.

  • International Exhibition

As an international student, one has the opportunity to learn about foreign culture, ethics, and other international students. Russia is a great place for such an international exhibition.

Top Medical Universities of Russia

  1. Orel State Medical University of Russia
  2. Bashkir State Medical University of Russia
  3. Belgorod State University of Russia
  4. Volgograd State Medical University of Russia
  5. Voronezh State Medical University of Russia
  6. Kazan Federal University of Russia
  7. Mari State University of Russia
  8. Altai State Medical University of Russia
  9. Smolensk State Medical University of Russia
  10. Orenburg State Medical University of Russia
  11. St. Petersburg State Medical University of Russia
  12. Kursk State Medical University of Russia
  13. Tver State Medical University of Russia
  14. People’s Friendship University of Russia

Living in Russia

Living in Russia is one of the best experiences in one’s life. It is everyone’s dream to be in such a beautiful and peaceful place. Russia is a country not only of white people but also of kind-hearted people. There is a lot to explore in this country as it is the largest country in the world.

The population of the largest country is more than 4 crore and 50 lakhs. Moscow is the capital of this amazing and beautiful country. The largest city in Russia is none other than Moscow. It is amazing to know that there are a total of nine time zones in Russia. It means that if there is a day in one part of Russia, there will be a night in the opposite part of Russia.

Low Cost of Living in Russia

Living in Russia and spending the US $ 150 to US $ 200 a month is enough for individual students. Prices are a bit higher in St. Petersburg and Moscow because to their thriving style.

  • Eat, Drink, and Dine at Restaurants

You will spend the US $ 40 to the US $ 80 a week on food-related purchases (all US dollars). The restaurants serve a good three-course dinner for the US $ 20. If you eat in a cafe on weekdays, three meals a day costs about the US $ 7.

  • Evening Entertainment

A movie ticket costs US $ 10 for an English movie, but you can watch movies in Russian for $ 5. Tickets for theater, opera, or ballet cost the US $ 30, but you have to pay $ 70 or more for quality seats. Admission to museums and galleries – from the US $ 1 to the US $ 10 depending on possible discounts when entering the club you need to pay from the US $ 5 to the US $ 10 as an entrance ticket to the club.

  • Public Transportation

Subway fares from US $ 24 to US $ 36 per month. Tickets for buses, trams, and trolleys cost 17 rubles each, regardless of the length of the route.

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