Best IVF Hospital in Jaipur for Infertile Couples

Is your relationship at stake, because you can’t conceive? Or have you been up till late, as you don’t understand how to resolve your infertility issues? Don’t stress anymore as Aastha fertility- best IVF center in Jaipur brings you the most affordable and effective solutions to cure all your infertility issues. Dr. Namita Kotia the head and director of the IVF hospital in Jaipur says they have made it possible for 90% of the couples to conceive with the help of IVF Treatment . 

Infertility can be caused because of various medical conditions, past surgeries or because of one’s lifestyle and poor nutrition. But the good thing with the help of medical treatments, infertility issues can be cured easily. Infertility can be caused because of either of the partners and is not just a women’s issue.

One can try Aastha infertility center, to find a solution which is effective, affordable and successful. The IVF hospital in Jaipur has a great name and is the most trusted hospital in Jaipur when it comes to curing issues related to infertility. The infertility hospital majorly expertise in IVF procedure, which is highly effective and is quite affordable. The IVF cost is approximately around 1,30,000INR, and has around 44-55 % of IVF success rate.

Which medical conditions can cause infertility in males-?

a) Infections- Some medical infections can affect the sperm production or the sperm health. The infections can be sexually transmitted such as HIV or gonorrhea or some can be due to inflammation or other factors such as epididymitis.

b) Hormone Imbalances- This can be a cause of infertility as there can be low testosterone levels, or disorders in testicles, or any other abnormality affecting the hormone levels in the body.

c) Chromosomes disorder- Abnormal development of male reproductive system can be caused if a male is born with two X chromosomes and a single Y chromosome. This affects the fertility of a person..

d) Prior surgeries- Some past surgeries such as testicular surgeries or prostate surgeries may prevent sperm ejaculation. 

e)  Tumors- Some cancerous or non cancerous tumors can affect the male reproductive system directly causing infertility.

Which medical conditions can cause infertility in females-?

a) Ovulation disorders- Ovulation disorders can be caused because of the hormonal imbalances, which might cause infrequent ovulation or no ovulation at all.

b) Damage to fallopian tubes- Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes don’t let the fertile eggs to travel to the uterus which can cause infertility.

c) Endometriosis- If this tissue grows outside the uterus, abnormally in other locations then surgical procedure is required to remove it which may cause scarring or blockages in fallopian tubes.

d) Uterine Issues- Some cervical or uterine issues such as polyps, tumors or other issues can interfere with implantation and can cause miscarriages.

How can IVF help in curing infertility-? 

Infertility can be cured by IVF procedure. The procedure is simple, effective and is highly successful with around 44-55% success rate in the first cycle. The procedure follows 5 major steps, in order to be successful.

The main aim of the procedure is to fertilize the female’s eggs with the sperm outside the female’s body, in an artificial idle environment. The fertilized eggs or the embryo is then kept under observation and then implanted back to the woman’s body or the surrogate’s body.

The confirmation of pregnancy is generally given through a blood test which is conducted after 5-6 days of the procedure. A woman is pregnant only if the fertilized egg or the embryo attaches itself well to the wall of the uterus. The procedure of IVF is not limited to age and can be conducted multiple times till the woman is able to conceive. You can visit Aastha fertility center for all your infertility issues, it’s also the best IVF center in Jaipur city.

Why choose Aastha Fertility center-

The IVf clinic is well known and reputed in Jaipur city, for dealing with infertility issues. The highly experienced IVF specialist, qualified staff,  and the latest medical facilities provided by the hospital makes them stand out from others. The hospital takes care of both your physical and emotional well being at every point of time and guides you throughout your treatments. The IVF hospital in Jaipur is working since 2005, and has been awarded at various occasions and conferences for their excellent work in curing infertility. The patients are extremely satisfied and happy with the results and the transparency the hospital keeps during the procedures.

“Shashi from Jaipur is extremely happy and thankful to the hospital, and the doctors as the center could help her fulfill her dream at the age of 40. She especially thanks Dr. Namita for blessing her with a baby girl. “

That’s the amount of trust and responsibility the hospital takes into account with every coming patient. One can book a counseling session with the hospital to discuss the issues faced by the patients and to get a medical solution to it. Aastha infertility center  is easy to reach, and is located in the center of the city. For more information such as the different treatments and other services provided by the IVF  hospital one can check out their official website and book their appointment with  Jaipur’s best IVF center.