How to Know the Correct Tyre Pressure? | Tyre Pressure

Pressure can have a dual connotation, one being positive and the other being negative. While the pressure creates unnatural stress in life, it can also make you run for your goals; which means while it can be a positive reinforcement for some cases, it can also be quite damaging to others. Too much pressure can lead to disastrous consequences but the appropriate amount of pressure can do wonders also.

It is not so different for your Car Tyres Airdrie. Tyres are vital for a good driving experience for the drivers and passengers. But tyres are nothing without a justified degree of air pressure in them. The cautionary bit of information is that the measure of the tyre pressure has to be exactly what the tyre requires for proper performance and that it can handle as well. But how to understand the right tyre pressure for your car? To know the secret which shall be revealed soon, keep reading.

Understanding Tyre Pressure

While a tyre with no air pressure in it is expendable, the same with enough inflation will be indispensable for a car. This clearly states the importance of tyre pressure when it comes to the tyres. Perfect tyre pressure shall levitate your tyre life and allow improved performance. But for that, knowing about the required measure is essential. Avoiding over or underinflation should be the primary concern of the driver to ensure good tyre health and safe drives.

When you search with the term “correct tyre pressure” you will find various sites and pages answering it in a little different way from each other while giving a standard numeric value as 32 to 35 psi. While it is true that for several cars this is an average range of pressure that works well, it is not right for all of them since various motors have different specifications and necessities. It is not always possible to attain everything from one specific pressure limit which is why the next question arrives- How do define the proper tyre pressure?

The most effective way to never mess up your tyre pressure is to check the vehicle manual for the recommended pressure, check the load and tyre size of the concerned vehicle, and then adjust the tyre inflation preferably under professional guidance. Nothing can beat this calculated combination of various tyre aspects and getting a personalised standard for your tyres.


While all of this is graspable, one thing might not be clear to all, which is the unit of measuring tyre pressure. As mentioned before when talking about the average tyre pressure limit, PSI is the only measuring unit for tyre inflation. PSI stands for pounds per square inch which can also be called bar pressure alternatively. Tyre inflation shall keep changing from time to time due to use and so it is always important to have a regular checking schedule for maintaining just the right pressure throughout. In this way, you can easily rule out the possibility of tyre trouble due to pressure faults or even any kind of mishap on the road. To get the right measure of your tyre pressure it is important to check them only when tyres are cool; warm tyres can mislead you with higher values of air pressure. But do you know what can happen when tyre pressure is not maintained? Let us figure it out here.

Under-inflated tyres have the chances of accelerating irregular tyre wear ultimately leading to either puncture or complete loss of tread. This also causes high rolling resistance and less fuel economy. None of these are the favorites of drivers who call for regular tyre pressure maintenance.

On the other hand, over-inflated tyres are usually the cause of accidents as it causes tyres to have minimal contact with the road. This lessens the traction capacity and also leaves the tyres prone to damage. This is also found to be the reason for road accidents due to control issues and decreased braking distance. If tyres remain over-inflated for some time then it shall affect your tyre’s durability and reduce its life sooner than expected.

So, there is no way you can neglect tyre pressure and still expect your Continental Tyres Airdrie to stay in good shape for long years and provide a safe drive. Start caring for your tyres from now on to avoid any further damage to your tyres.

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