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Perspective on Coorg from Raja’s Seat Nestled in Karnataka, Coorg otherwise known as Kodagu is a mainstream slope station among the wayfarers. This spot is called ‘Scotland of India’ because of its stunning scenes, wonderful climate, lush inclines, and interesting towns. 

 Convent Falls 

Convent walls splendid see, right? Called Abbey Falls, this falling cascade is arranged in the midst of fragrant cardamom and espresso estates.

Storm is the best ideal opportunity to appreciate the grand sight of this cascade. You can stroll on the hanging extension and catch shocking shots of the spouting water. 

Nagarhole National Park 

Nagarhole National ParkPart of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the Nagarhole National Park is one of the secured environments for jeopardized species like the tiger and elephant.

You can enjoy a natural life safari to spot panthers, tigers, and uncommon types of flying creatures while relishing the amazing perspectives on the slopes and valleys.

Plan an outing to this spot among February and June as this is the point at which the creatures come towards the lake to extinguish their thirst. 

Namdroling Monastery 

The most important focus of the Tibetan Buddhism Nyingma tradition is located in Bylakuppe, Namdroling Monastery. Established in 1963, it is home to about 5,000 lamas including the two priests and nuns.

This little Tibet of South India houses Tibetan legendary artistic creations and brilliant icons of Buddha.

Famously known as the Golden Temple, you will be stunned by the brilliant deer on the housetop and the mind-boggling chip away at the pagoda. 

Raja’s Seat 

Settled in Madikeri, you’ll discover the Raja’s Seat inside a delightful nursery of beautiful blossoms and melodic wellsprings.

Visit this nursery when the blossoming plants are in full sprout. Individuals come to observe the beautiful wellsprings move to the tune of music.

For a magnificent encounter, you can visit this spot during dawn and dusk. You’ll experience passionate feelings for the mind-blowing perspective on the green mountains past the valley. 


During the Festival of Arms otherwise known as Kailpodhu, all the weapons and arms are expelled. Subsequent to cleaning them, they’re loved before being put to utilize.

It is likewise the day when men get ready to watch their harvests from wild hogs; you’ll see various games and diversion exercises being completed in the open ground. 

Kaveri Sankramana 

Kaveri Sankramana is praised in October, the propitious time when the sun enters the Libra sign.

Local people visit the sacred tank at Talacauvery to take a plunge and decontaminate their spirits. Wearing new garments, the wedded ladies love Goddess Cauvery and offer rice to the divinity. 


The rice gather is called Puttari resorts in Coorg. Celebrated in November or December, you’ll see families gathering in their yard which is perfectly embellished with blossoms and leaves of banana and green mango.

Local people go to their paddy fields and discharge a firearm to stamp the start of the gather. Individuals appreciate various types of delectable food things during this event. 

Recording area 

Bollywood film – 7 Khoon Maaf featuring Priyanka Chopra as the main woman was shot close to the town of Virajpet in Coorg.

It is an adaptation of Ruskin Bond ‘s short tale of Susanna ‘s Seven Husbands.

Foods to savor 

If you are in Coorg, you can make your taste buds with legitimate Coorg foods, which include chicken/pig kadambuttu or Nool Puttu (Idiyappam) with pandi curry, at the poor neighborhood eateries. 

Keepsakes to pick 

Container of honeyHoney, flavors, espresso, Tibetan ancient rarities, homemade chocolates, Legend has it that the youngest girl in Rukmangada, the head of the town of Sakharayapattana, earned this position as an endowment. and silk saree. 

Wedding ensemble 

On the big day, the lady of the hour wears a brocade saree in the Coorgi style. The lucky man is spruced up in a churidar, kurta with a silk scarf around the midsection and a turban. 


The official language of Coorg is Kannada. Other provincial dialects incorporate Tulu, Kodava, and Arebhashe. 

Extravagance resorts 

Extravagance Resorts in Coorg You can book a stay at the extravagance resorts in Coorg to restore your faculties. Some of them incorporate Orange County, The Tamara, Porcupine Castle, and The Ibnii. Coorg

Ancestral culture 

Coorg is home to the countless ancestral populace. The larger part of them relies upon chasing, gathering timberland produces, and resource cultivating.

One can become acquainted with the ancestral culture through their celebrations and fairs. During these events, the nearby divinities like Ayyappa (Shasta) and Bhagavati (Povvedi) are venerated. These festivals last from seven days to three weeks. 


Kemmangundi Approximately 156 km from Coorg, lies the pleasant slope station of Chikmagalur. In Kannada language, Chikmagalur means a more youthful girl’s town.

Legend has it that this spot was given as an endowment to the most youthful little girl of Rukmangada, the head of Sakharayapattana town.

You can investigate this spot which is situated in the midst of the thick woods of Western Ghats. It is well known among nature darlings and experienced lovers. 

There are numerous ways you can appreciate an occasion here: go for the Mullayanagiri, Kemmangundi or the Baba Budangiri journey, get a brief look at the Hebbe Falls and Kalhatti Falls, appreciate wild at the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kudremukh National Park and experience otherworldly rapture at the Sharadamba Temple, the Hindu sanctuary built to pay tribute to goddess Saraswati. 

Best an ideal opportunity to visit 

October to May. In any case, the wonderful climate makes Coorg an all year goal. 

We suggest: 2 Nights/3 Days in Coorg @ Rs 12,500 

Step by step instructions to reach Coorg 

Through flight: the airport of Mysore, Mangaluru airport, and the airport of Bengaluru.

By rail: Mysore, Mangalore or Hassan

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