Cakes That Stand Out Of the League and Enlighten Celebrations

A recipe is what binds a dish together and makes it different from the rest in terms of taste, texture, smell and sight. Sweet is one such flavour that our taste buds can’t resist, which is why the ones with an extra liking for sweet are termed ‘sweet tooth’. However, some aspects become a hindrance in experiencing these delightful dishes.

For some, it could be the addition of cake that may spoil the idea of a flavoursome cake. For some, it could be infuriating to have plain vanilla when such exotic tastes and experiments are available too. Curbing all these requirements and putting an end to this question mark, we have come with a few mouth savouring deities with twisted cum experimental recipes.

Eggless Cake:

Who would have thought in the initial days of making a cake and that too eggless? Being an important ingredient of the initial stages, it seems really tough. Well now it is all possible, recipes have been carved, that outgive perfect cakes with perfect flavours and essence intact. Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or any flavour you may desire comes home by ordering eggless cake online in just a few clicks.

Kit Kat Cake:

A genius brain thought of clubbing an already chocolate cake with even more chocolaty KitKat. But look how well that turned out and has become a running flavour in the list of favourites. It is a cake with crushed kitkat on the top and intact stick on the top, making it creamy and soft of course but also bringing along a dash of crunch and excitement.

Oreo Biscuit Cake:

We wonder if even Oreo knew its upcoming future collaboration with cakes. It’s all happening now; you can get vanilla and chocolate cakes with oreo biscuits on top, giving it the crunchy edgy taste and making it notorious as everyone wants an oreo from the top. It can be called the perfect replacement for the cherry on the top. Indeed there’s nothing like a double chocolate splash.

Cakes with Fondant Icing:

Cakes are made most meaningful and symbolic when they speak our hearts for us. Getting a barbie or a car made on your cake reflects your interests and styles, which is why cakes with fondant icing are prevalent and very trendy. The recipe to these cakes again is somewhat twisted, but the result is worth the effort. Pledge to try one for the next coming occasion and enjoy the experimental touch to simple cakes.

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Lopsided Cake:

Who could think of making a semi-circle cake but someone did, and now it’s a popular thing in demand. Especially for six months anniversaries of silver jubblies, graduations these cakes show real meaning and importance. Get swirls and beautiful, charismatic designs on the cakes, and they will be the ones to remember forever. Looking back at these times, you will know what happiness this cake brought upon.

Designer Cake:

Designer cakes may not bend more on recipes but definitely on styling. The whole thought that goes beyond making a designer cake is nothing short of an art. For example, a Santa Claus cake with Santas faces made with swirls of creams in white red and yellow colours. Justifying the complete look of a Christmas celebration with tender and beautiful colours is applaudable.

Photo Cake:

Very popular and trendy photo cakes are one in the list of must-tries for sure. They are so sweet and elegant to look at and equally flavoursome and delicious to eat. A picture of your newborn, or a prank with your old picture for the 21st birthday could be a choice. It’s all about having fun and exploring the new and exotic side to simple celebrations.

Are you excited already at making the coming celebrations more festive and fun-loving? You have the list of cakes that stand out of the world, what’s the wait. Start preparing!

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