Steps To Take In Air Conditioner Gas Leakage Problem

If you have an air conditioner, then you know how costly it is to fix if there is something wrong. Especially if there is anything wrong with the gas, then we hope you know, AC Gas Filling Cost.

Also, it is really difficult to solve the problem as well. Having an air conditioner at home is truly a relief, but will you be able to fix everything alone?

We bet you won’t, and that’s why we would always suggest you go for regular maintenance.

However, sometimes the gas leaking problem in air condition is so difficult to identify. You should always start from the core. The initial step of identifying gas leaking is by checking the pressure of gas level with the help of a pressure meter.

If you see the pressure meter is showing zero, then the gas from your air conditioner is leaking. You need to remember that the compressor can never be emptied.

If that’s the case, you will have to call the professional, and he can only fix the issue by the pump in the Freon.

Your technician needs to monitor the level of gas, and if the pressure again falls in a few days or weeks, then you can take it as a confirming sign of gas leak because a fully top-up compressor generally lasts up to one year.

If you can also identify the gas leaking thing, then you can also find out the source.

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Where Is The Leak Source Usually From?

Well, you need to know this as this is the most important part that you need to identify at first. The leak can be at the fan coil that is located inside the condenser or sometimes the copper pipes.

The cracks are in general, found at the joint soldering portion as well as the copper pipes near the compressor.

If you are wondering why do the cracks occur, then let me make your facts clear. The cracks happen when two copper pipes get in touch and immediately because of the vibration of the running compressor causes the leak.

Automatically the copper pipes will crack, and that is the most common source for gas leaking.

Hence, you already know AC Gas Filling Charges are quite high, and that’s why you should first make sure that there is a leak and then only call the technician. To identify a leak, there are a few options available, and you can try them.

  • Ultraviolet Dye is something that detects a leak by inserting a colored dye into the copper pipe. The color will show where the leak is, and you will easily understand.
  • Hand-held refrigerant helps to detect the leak, and it is quite good as a leak detector. You will hear a beep sound when it will touch the copper pipe.
  • You can also check with water and soap. This is the easiest way, and you should try this. You will see that bubbles will form when the soap and water are placed on the leak site. That’s pretty easy.

What Is The Easiest Method To Seal The Leak?

There are a few ways that can help you to seal the leak without calling the mechanic. Let’s not ado further and check them out below.

  • You must know about compression tape, and mostly we have this at home too. This tape will seal the source from where the gas is leaking. You can place the tape over the leak area. Although, we have already explained how to detect where exactly the leak is.
  • As you know, AC Gas Filling charges are pretty much high, so you should try this instead of calling a technician. Soldering is the best process to seal the leak. In this process, two metal items are joined together to fill the leak area.

Bottom Line

We know how expensive it can be when it comes to Ac gas filling and you know that too. We have shared all the necessary things that you may try for solving this issue. However, if you are not able to find the leak, then you must call the technician!

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