8 Steps to Transforms your Instagram Profile with Content

Have you ever remembered when you will follow the last account on Instagram and why you do that?

There are 800 million monthly active accounts on Instagram, and you follow a few ones only. Why? Because there is something unique in their account, either their Content, bio or anything else, that attracts you, and you start following it.

Instagram is a visual platform that requires a lot of quality and engaged Content. But creating Content is very hard like you have to keep in your mind a few points like

  • Is it relevant?
  • Is it interesting to your audience?
  • Most importantly, does it look good?

So, Content is the most important factor for your Instagram account. It highly transforms your Instagram profile.

Why do you need high quality and engaging Content for your audience?

Let’s go through a few points :

  • There is a lot of competition in the Instagram world.
  • Instagram algorithm is making it tougher.
  • And our audience preference is also a key factor in this.

Once Instagram notices that the audience is engaging and liking your Content, then they start putting your profile up and show it up to new people.

It’ll enhance the exposure of your profile.

So, in order to make Content, you have to follow the following steps:


Before you start posting your Content on Instagram, make proper planning of your Content. When you are creating your Content keep two factors in your mind:

  • Your Content is within your niche.
  • Your Content engages your audience.

Don’t create Content outside of your niche. It’ll slow down your Instagram growth. And plan your Content for the week ahead.


As Instagram is a visual platform, so your pictures need to be eye-catching and well-composed. It doesn’t mean you must have a DSLR camera for the photos. You can take photos from the camera on your phone. There are a lot of users on Instagram who is using the simple camera on their phone. Take photos. Keep in mind the light as well. And post the best out of them on Instagram.


This is the most important factor to give a professional look to your Content and photo that attracts more audience.

Having one look keeps your audience knowing about your brands. You can use awesome pieces of software.

To save your time, edit the Content and photos of the week ahead in one day.


Use at least 30 hashtags per post. It exposes your image or Content to your targeted audience. Do research on it and use the hashtags that best match your brand, or you can also create your own. Many people don’t know the benefits of it. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags. Relevant hashtags maximize the reach growth of your account.

5-Post at the Best Time:

Choose the best time to post your Content. Post your Content when a maximum of your followers are active. You are giving yourself a chance to get more likes. Also, when Instagram notice that people give more likes to your new and fresh post, they automatically show your posts to the right audience.

6-Post Your Content:

You have completed all the steps for the best Content. Now it’s time to show your Content to the world. While posting, avoid posting similar pictures because it might bore your audience.

7-Engage with top content:

Start engaging yourself in other people’s Content. When you do that, people stalk your profile and know about who you really are and what your brand is all about. Also, you can start replying to your comments too. They make people feel that they are heard by you. It’s a true way to get more followers.

8-Use Filters:

To give your image or Content a professional look, you don’t need a DSLR camera to do that. You can use Instagram feature, i.e., filters. Use them and increase the warmth and exposure of your profile.

Wrapping up:

It’s not always about what you are posting but how and why you are posting is also a good way to start. When you just post irrelevant and random stuff, the user found your profile not worthwhile, and they go for another one.

So to boost your profile, you have to keep a lot of factor in your mind.

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